How does anxiety and depression express itself in your life?  Is it an emotional event causing grief or the birth of a child etc. You fill in the blanks with your emotions in that experience.  No one else is like you because you are unique. How do you feel about sharing with someone?  Are you receptive to it and feel emotionally safe?  Family and friends may not be the ones you can speak to and feel emotionally safe and not feel judged.


Are you aware of your self-talk and how it affects your thoughts and emotions?  Is this something that happens regularly or when you feel a certain way? Have you been suffering silently? Do thoughts of suicide or self-harm enter your mind?  Are you choosing to be alone or do you not want to bother anyone?  What is keeping you isolated?  All these questions are to stimulate thoughts about our feelings expressed in anxiety and depression. Often our feelings are not a safe guide and we need to be aware that the feelings come and go, but at times they stay too long and it’s time to seek out help. Reaching out for help is not taking alcohol that can turn into an Alcohol Use Disorder.

Habits can develop easily but are hard to change, but not impossible. Our thoughts require discipline to keep them from controlling us. There is power in choosing to be positive when negative thoughts crave our attention. Feeling alone and thinking only of self is harmful. Your example is needed to help others make better choices.

Value your life and the lives of others and you will be a positive influence in this world. Your example of seeking help when you most need it will help others. Seek out a Registered Psychotherapist and indulge yourself in a listening ear. You will find relief and a new way of thinking about your emotions and expressing your needs better.