Since marijuana has been legalised here in Canada, I am concerned about its effects and the use of alcohol with it. Research shows that marijuana has a property called THC. It can be used by medical doctors to assist cancer patients to keep their food down after receiving chemotherapy amongst other medical benefits.

Cross fading has the potential to be lethal and people need to be aware of it. Alcohol and marijuana can effect one’s mood, behaviour and judgment. Initially a person will smoke a joint or consume marijuana in another form to “mellow out” and more often than not alcohol is also part of the scenario. The antiemetic properties of the marijuana inhibits the body from regurgitating and keeps the body from getting rid of excess alcohol. This causes the body to keep on absorbing alcohol into the blood stream resulting in the rising of the blood alcohol concentration which can be lethal. Everyone has a different constitution and we do not react to stimulants in the same way, however, we all have a threshold when we no longer have the necessary judgment to know when to stop and be sensible about our actions. When that happens a person can kill themselves without even realising it.

We all do things because there is something in it we desire. People consume marijuana and alcohol because they get something out of it, and for each person it will be something different. For some it will be to forget about an emotional pain and for others it could be to hide low self-esteem, and for some it might be to help them cope with stress. Whatever the reason there is a better, healthier, and less dangerous way of dealing with these kinds of issues, by using trained professionals that can help one deal with damaged emotions, anxiety, stress, loss, low self-esteem, and addiction. One does not have to suffer or struggle on one’s own because professionals can assist in your recovery. Seek help today, and choose a better life.

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